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About Us
PlugInConnect,LLC is an EV market and technologies consulting company based in Minnesota. PIC offers training and consulting in the areas of EV market and technologies, charging infrastructure, renewable charging solutions, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technologies, commercial plug-in vehicles, EV drive train technologies, EV and PHEV conversions, battery technologies, low and medium speed electric vehicles, and EV related product and business strategies. PlugInConnect, LLC has provided education and/or consulting services to numerous companies and organizations.

About the founder: 
An automotive engineer by training, Jukka Kukkonen formerly worked for Ford Europe in technical training and dealership business development. Since leaving Ford he has worked in training, business consulting, and organizational development. For the last several years he has been closely following developments in the electric vehicle market. He has given numerous presentations and taught workshops about EVs, and through his company PlugInConnect, LLC consulted with companies who want to bring clean and sustainable transportation solutions to market. Jukka has also served as the president of the Minnesota Electric Auto Association and is a member of Drive Electric Minnesota. In 2012 Jukka was honored with a Certificate of Recognition from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's office for his work with the EV market in Minnesota and in 2013 he received the Sustainable St Paul Award.  

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PlugInConnect competencies:
  • EV and PHEV market
  • Charging infrastructure
  • EV and PHEV technologies
  • Automotive technologies
  • Training processes and implementation
  • Business development
  • Sales strategies
  • Organizational development
  • Change strategies
  • Processes and structures