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Electric transportation and related technologies are bringing changes to the way we live and do business. We will be introduced to new technologies, solutions and even new ways manage our energy. And as with any other change, information is key. We need information both to manage the transition and also to be able to take full advantage of new opportunities. PlugInConnect can design tailored presentations, workshops, and training programs to suit the needs of your group as we have done for colleges, public television networks, utility companies, commercial real estate companies, car dealers and many other organizations.

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EV and charging infrastructure market consulting

Presentations, Workshops and Training

Electric Vehicle owners are the most powerful force in transportation electrification. Visit Minnesota EV Owners webpage to see how Minnesota EV (BEV&PHEV) owners connect, share their experiences and educate general public about Plug-in vehicles. We have organized and taken part hundreds of events since 2012.  

MultiHousingCharging.com provides information about PEV charging solutions in multi unit dwellings, apartment buildings and condominiums. An increasing number of apartment buildings and condominiums are adding EV charging as a new amenity. As more people shift to driving PEVs demand for these services just increase. Portion of this program was done as part of the Accelerating Alternatives for Minnesota Drivers project funded by the Department of Energy. 

MN Electric Vehicle Owners

WorkplaceCharging.com provides information about Electric Vehicles and Plug-in hybrids workplace charging solutions for Electric Vehicle owners, Employers, Building owners / Managers and Utilities. Many employers are showing leadership in this area by working with the building owner/manager to provide workplace charging for their employees. Portion of this program was funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. 

Electric transportation and related technologies are bringing changes to the way we live and do business. And these changes provide new opportunities for dynamic companies that make smart strategic moves and provide leading-edge solutions to the market. There are already great examples of companies with vision and smart business strategies becoming successful, but we are just beginning this journey. There will be plenty of opportunities, and PlugInConnect can help you to figure out the right solution. We have experience working with a variety of companies, and with our real life market knowledge we can shorten your learning curve and help you find the best opportunities for your company.

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