Electric vehicles are providing a better driving experience, a more sustainable future for transportation and an opportunity to improve our energy practices. You and your business can be part of this shift and take advantage of the new opportunities it creates.

PlugInConnect, LLC is an EV market and technologies consulting company based in Minnesota. Since 2010 we have worked to teach different stakeholders about workplace charging and help companies to bring sustainable transportation products and services to the market.

Many of your employees are considering purchasing a plug-in vehicle, and one important issue for them is the availability of charging infrastructure at their workplace. As an employer, you have a great opportunity to show leadership in this area by working with the building owner/manager to provide workplace charging for your employees.


to explore the electric future. 

Electric Vehicle owners are the most powerful force in transportation electrification. Visit the Minnesota EV Owners webpage to see how Minnesota EV (BEV&PHEV) owners connect, share their experiences and learn more about EV related topics. 

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An increasing number of apartment buildings and condominiums are adding EV charging as a new amenity. As more people shift to driving electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, demand for these services just increase. Electric vehicles need to be charged at home rather than filled up at the gas station so PEV owners will need the charging infrastructure at their place of residence.