This page contains links to additional Plug-in Vehicle information resources.

Basic info
PEV Handbook for Consumers (DOE)
Charging standards (DOE) 

Plug-in Vehicles:
DOE vehicle search 

Sales numbers
Inside EVs monthly scorecard

Organizations promoting plug-in vehicle technology
Department of Energy 
Clean Cities Coalitions 
Plug In America 
Electrification Coalition       
Electric Drive Transportation
Drive Electric Minnesota      
MN PEV Owners        

User experiences
News stories on MNPEVOC webpage MN PEV

Public charging stations
DOE Charging station locator

Workplace charging 

Apartment building and condominium charging  

Renewable energy and Plug in vehicles
Solar Charged Driving  
EV+PV calculator        

Incentives, laws and legislation
US Department of Energy

Environmental effects
​Union of Concerned Scientist research
Measuring the Electric Vehicle's Environmental Footprint

Battery second life and recycling
Article on battery second life 
Retriev Technologies 

Electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles:
Electric motorcycles and scooters 
Electric bicycles 

More information: 
PluginCars guides